Women’s Ministry

The Purpose of the AZ Southern Baptist Mission Network Women's Ministry Team

Our goal as a team is to strengthen women leaders in AZ Southern Baptist churches and associations through these objectives:

  1. Embrace and partner with the AZSBC Centennial Vision’s mission, vision, and commitment.
  2. Encourage SBC churches in which women serve to join and partner with the AZSBC Centennial Vision's mission.
  3. Teach, train, equip, encourage, mentor, and disciple AZSBC women leaders and servants in Arizona.
  4. Planning, developing, and implementing on-going, life-learning, spiritual growth strategies specifically for AZSBC women leaders.
  5. To provide and equip designated women mentors in each association, for the purpose of serving the women leaders in their particular associations.
  6. To provide a variety of resources to aid in the tasks of women who serve the church including biblical resources, curriculum, formats, venues, learning styles, methods, and additional avenues to successfully accomplish their role and how they serve in their church.

Join us on Sep 30 - Oct 1 2022 for Arise AZ in beautiful Sedona, AZ! You will receive biblical teaching, a relaxing atmosphere, and enjoy a time to refresh and recharge with your friends.
Shannon Head shot

Shannon Jennings

Women's Ministry Leader

Shannon is the wife of Josh Jennings, the pastor of Aletheia Church in Sedona, and is the mom of 3 teenagers: Caleb, Eli, and Anna. She serves as children's minister at Aletheia, is part of the worship team, and serves with the women at her church.

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