Evangelism Video: The Bridge

May 13, 2021

The Bridge is an evangelistic video developed by Arizona Southern Baptist for you and your church to use in your outreach efforts. This two-minute resource uses the metaphor of a…

Leading Your People to Pray for the Lost

May 13, 2021

Brian Bowman, pastor of Valley Life Church, discusses leading your people to pray for the lost at our Engage AZ 2020 event.

Keeping Urgency and Expectancy in Prayer

May 13, 2021

Chris Stull, pastor of Wellspring Church, discusses keeping urgency and expectancy in prayer at our Engage AZ 2020 event.

Leading Focused Prayer Meetings

May 13, 2021

Ashley Evans, pastor of 22nd Street Baptist Church, discusses leading focused prayer meetings at our Engage AZ 2020 event.

Evangelistic Invitations

May 13, 2021

Mark Martin, pastor of Calvary PHX, discusses prayer and spiritual vision at our Engage AZ 2020 event.

Richard Blackaby on Prayer and Spiritual Vision

May 13, 2021

Richard Blackaby, president of Blackaby Ministries International, discusses prayer and spiritual vision at our Engage AZ 2020 event.

Evangelism Discipleship Is Seasonal and Cyclical

May 13, 2021

I attended the Darrell Robinson evangelism training for the Cochise Association, and he shared a statement that stuck: “As farmers, my family prepared the field, sowed the seed, watered the…

SUMS Remix: A Book Excerpt Tool for Church Leaders

May 5, 2021

As a leader you like to read. But with the pace of life, it’s hard to cover all of the bases when great new content is always coming at the…

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