Seminary continues to go on the road with classes

Dec 23, 2020

By Kimberly McMahon

The Arizona Campus of Gateway Seminary is taking another step this semester in offering the Bible Teaching Certificate away from the campus and at a local church.

The seminary currently offers seven different certificates. Each certificate consists of 12-15 credit hours, which is usually four or five classes. Open to anyone 25 or older with a high school diploma or equivalent, all classes are of master’s level quality.

“We use all real professors,” says Dallas Bivins, Gateway’s Arizona Campus director. “Every class is taught by an adjunct professor from the Arizona Campus.”

The certificate classes are continuing to go on the road.

“Churches have asked us to bring these classes to their churches,” Bivins says. It started with CalvaryPHX Church in Phoenix, where the seminary has returned to hold classes again. Since then, two other churches have asked for classes to be held. Classes are being held in southern Arizona at Village Meadows Baptist Church in Sierra Vista starting this semester.

The Bible Teaching Certificate, a two-and-a-half-year commitment, includes courses in Old Testament, New Testament and Bible teaching.

“We see a lot of Sunday School and small group leaders in these programs,” Bivins says, “but these are courses that are good for any Christian seeking to draw closer to God. When the heart is changed, the head and hands follow.”

Mark Pitts, senior pastor of Village Meadows Baptist Church, is looking forward to the offering in southern Arizona. There are about a dozen students enrolled in the current certificate program coming to Phoenix from as far as Thatcher, but Pitts would like to see it double. Most of the students are small group leaders.

“This gives small group leaders the opportunity to get seminary training, furthering our pursuit in making disciples,” Pitts says.

The Village Meadows senior pastor hopes this set of classes will encourage more participation from the Tucson area, proving the need for a southeast campus of Gateway.

“In the future, it would be nice to see the seminary open an extension campus,” he says. “There are many pastors in the association who can’t make the trip to the main campus in Phoenix.”

Future plans for more certificate programs at more locations are in the works. Gateway Seminary is partnering with Christian Challenge to offer the Collegiate Ministry Certificate starting in fall 2021.

Kimberly McMahon, a freelance writer living in Phoenix, is a member of Valley Life Church — North Mountain in Phoenix.

Next Steps

–Do you want to learn more about God, deepen your personal walk with the Lord and gain skills in teaching the Bible? Consider enrolling in the Bible Teaching Certificate program at the Arizona Campus of Gateway Seminary. For information, go to or call 602-843-8544.

–Explore other certificate or degree programs offered at the Arizona Campus of Gateway Seminary at

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