Here are some ‘Take Aways’ from the ‘Who’s Your One’ tour

Jan 29, 2021

Johnny Hunt

By Lorri Paetz

I have attended many conferences over the years, and I always heard, “Just get one takeaway!” However, that was not my experience at the North American Mission Board’s “Who’s Your One?” Tour, held at North Phoenix Baptist Church Jan. 17-18. I was challenged over and over to re-examine my commitment to be a faithful and obedient follower of Christ by sharing the greatest message ever told.

Under the direction of Johnny Hunt, former pastor of Woodstock Baptist Church (outside Atlanta) and now NAMB’s senior vice president of evangelism and leadership, the Sunday night rally and Monday morning workshop sessions were designed to remind the church of its responsibility to share the gospel and to re-ignite a passion for those in attendance to lead friends and family to Christ.

So here, for your reading pleasure, and maybe for a little conviction of soul and heart as well, are some of my “takeaways” from the Who’s Your One Tour.

Johnny Hunt: Shared personal experiences from Psalm 126. Challenged attendees through stories and scripture to not neglect family when sharing the gospel.

Noe Garcia, pastor of North Phoenix Baptist Church (my pastor):

Often there has been a “great divorce” created between evangelism and discipleship. It is not either/or, it is both/and. Discipleship begins with evangelism. Disciples are learners.

Acts 4:13-14. “Boldness” — Power from the Lord. “Uneducated, untrained men” — They were common men, just like you and me. “Had been with Jesus” — they were used mightily by God because they had been with Jesus. Reminder to stay in God’s Word — spend time with Jesus. “You may not know the Bible — but you know what Jesus did for you.”

Great Commission: “All nations” — includes your neighbors, friends and family, not just the nations across the seas. Develop a culture of evangelism: (1) Create a sense of urgency — people are dying and going to hell — everyday; (2) Introduce the problem — what is the reality; (3) Create a clear vision of where you are going — A shepherd leads the sheep to where he wants them to go … to places they would not otherwise go. (4) Create a culture of celebration — you create what you celebrate.

Catherine Renfro

Catherine Renfro, NAMB director of evangelism:

A culture of evangelism begins with the day you came to Christ. There is nothing like telling someone about Jesus. Be aware … the Enemy uses fear … doubt and uncertainity … don’t know enough … rejection and discouragement.

Two things to know and remember: (1) Success is not seeing someone saved … success is just sharing the gospel. (2) It isn’t about us … Luke 10:16.

Beginning gospel conversations:

  1. Remember your purpose: To know Jesus and make Him known
  2. Pray for opportunities: We don’t have because we don’t ask.
  3. Begin “seeing” people: Slow down — we often lack intentionality
  4. Listen for opportunities to start gospel conversations.
  5. Share your experiences with others: Stories provide a model for others to follow.

Mike Whitson, pastor of First Baptist Church of Indian Trail in North Carolina:

Think about the “last words” anyone says. What were Jesus’ last words: Act 1:8 — You WILL be my witnesses. It is really about the “Lordship of Christ” in your life — you can’t say “no” and “Lord” in the same breath. Mike Whitson shared wonderful stories from Indian Trail. His “last words” to the conference: “The gospel demands an invitation.”

Danny Forshee, pastor of Great Hills Baptist Church in Austin, Texas:

The degree to which you and I are in fellowship/walking with the Lord is the degree to which we will have gospel conversations … God will give us gospel conversations. Obedience is availability. Listen — over 300 times in the New Testament Jesus asked a question. People like to be heard. Through Christ, we are “overcomers” — Rev. 12:11, 1 John 4:4, Romans 8:27. Fear of rejection and fear of failure are both rooted in pride. Danny Forshee gave attendees a copy of his book For the One — full of stories of Jesus interacting with many throughout His earthly ministry.

I am so pleased to have attended and appreciate NAMB’s multiple resources available at Church, don’t miss out on these wonderful opportunities from our Convention. And, “Who’s Your One?”

Lorri Paetz is director of the Hope Center at North Phoenix Baptist Church.

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