Book Corner: The Non-Anxious Pastor by Trey VanCamp

Nov 2, 2022

Trey VanCamp is a fourth-generation pastor and church planter of Passion Creek Church in Queen Creek.

What is this book about?

This book is my attempt at creating a roadmap for pastors to patiently plod toward becoming a person at peace in a world at war.

The first section, The Pastor’s Predicament, focuses on the mind. Pastors are suffering a variety of anxiety because of unrealistic expectations, the pressures of politics, and the sadness of suffering. Thankfully, we can put on the mind of Christ with these issues.

The second section, The Pastor’s Identity, focuses on the heart. Big and small church pastors struggle to find their identity and worth in Christ and settle to find it in the work of the ministry, which has devastating effects on everyone involved. This section discusses three major identity shifts that can usher us into becoming non-anxious pastors.

The last section, The Pastor’s Formation, focuses on the hands. In this cultural moment, there are three ways of life that can shape our souls and our leadership. This transformation requires more than a change of thought. It requires sacrifice, self-denial, and solitude with God.

What do you want your readers to gain by reading your book?

A new way to view the pastor’s identity and a set of daily and weekly habits to make space for the grace of God.

Why did you write this book?

I always had a passion to write. After putting together a few chapters, I decided to challenge myself to finish this project and self-publish it on Amazon.

Additionally, books have the potential to outlast any other type of content I create. I enjoy the thought of creating something that can help someone beyond my lifetime.

Who do you hope will read this book?

I wrote this book for pastors. This is a difficult time to be in ministry and I pray this book is a resource that shifts pastors’ perspectives and habits.

Where can this book be purchased?

The Non-Anxious Pastor is available on Amazon and Audible.

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