Book Corner: The Gift of Courage by Dr. Philip Calvert

Apr 26, 2021

Dr. Calvert is a former IMB missionary, teaches as an adjunct professor at Arizona Christian University, and is the senior pastor of Trinity Baptist Church in Casa Grande.

What is this book about?

The Gift of Courage is a 40-day devotional specifically written to offer readers encouragement in the midst of life’s difficult circumstances and heartaches. The book is written for those going through a challenge, as well as those who minister to hurting people. The Gift of Courage includes an insightful forward by Dr. David Johnson of the Arizona Southern Baptist Convention.

What do you want your readers to gain by reading your book?

Whether you are going through a crisis, emerging from one, you want to be better equipped and prepared for the next crisis, or you are helping someone through their own difficult circumstance, The Gift of Courage will help guide the reader’s spiritual walk through the course of 40 days, which is the length of time Christ fasted and prayed in the wilderness. When He completed that time of special focus, and after the temptation of Satan, angels ministered to Him! May this book minister to you as well! My prayer is that this book of fresh and uplifting devotionals will help direct the reader’s heart to the Lord in the midst of challenges, hardships, and life’s inevitable changes.

Why did you write this book?

There are so many challenges that affect both non-Christians and Christians alike. While most devotionals are wonderful, they are typically general in nature. I wrote The Gift of Courage as a devotional that specifically offers a foundation for biblical courage in the midst of life’s deepest valleys.

Who do you hope will read this book?

It is written to be read individually, as a church, as a small group such as a Sunday School class or Life Group, or as a family.

Where can this book be purchased?

The Gift of Courage can be purchased through Amazon or directly from the author at There is also an online “Courage Community” to share life experiences, prayer requests, and praises at

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