Missions to surround annual meeting

Aug 3, 2015

By Elizabeth Young

A missions tour and hands-on missions opportunities will accompany the annual meeting of the Arizona Southern Baptist Convention in Yuma in November.

The annual meeting will be held at Stone Ridge Church in Yuma, Friday, Nov. 13.

“We believe that having opportunties both before and after the convention to participate in missions gives added value to attending the convention,” said AZSBC Executive Director David Johnson.

On Thursday afternoon, people will have “an opportunity to see what the Lord and Arizona Southern Baptists are doing in and around the border area in Yuma,” he said. The 424 Tour will cover four states (Arizona, California, Sonora and Baja California) and two countries (United States and Mexico) in four hours. An alternative tour that doesn’t cross the border is also being planned.

On Saturday, a variety of mission projects will be offered on both sides of the border. They will include food distribution, building projects, assisting with a block party and helping New Life Pregnancy Center.

“We are very excited about the opportunity to come alongside the churches in Yuma and participate with them in the work that God has given them to do,” Johnson said. “We want this convention to be an expression of working together to make disciples of all peoples in Arizona and around the world.”

Individuals or groups can stay over following the annual meeting or come specfically to participate in a mission project. “We are planning for the projects to be completed by early afternoon to give people time to make it home for services on Sunday,” Johnson said.

People participating in the 424 Tour or in projects in Mexico will need to bring their passports.

An excellent program has been planned for the annual meeting and the Leadership Conference that precedes it Friday morning, Johnson said.

Jeff Iorg, president of Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary, will speak on “Ministry in the Same-Sex Marriage Culture” at the Leadership Conference. A copy of Iorg’s new book, Ministry in the New Marriage Culture, will be given to those attending.

“This is a pressing and relevant issue for our churches,” Johnson said. “Obviously, we do not agree with same-sex marriage, but it is a reality that our churches must deal with. Churches must be ready to minister to families and children who are affected by it.”

Iorg will also speak during the annual meeting about sharing Christ in a more conversational and lifestyle-oriented manner based on his book Unscripted.

For more about the annual meeting, including hotel information, see here.

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