Making It a Little More Livable

By AZSBC Staff | August 23, 2018

At a time in life when they assumed they would be retiring from work, enjoying their grown children and playing with their own grandchildren, Joe and Wanda Kord* have moved…

Impacted by the CP, She Now Ministers

By AZSBC Staff | August 23, 2018

God transformed my life through a youth camp after finishing high school. I grew up largely outside of the church, so I had no idea how to follow Jesus. I…

She Knows the Heartbeat of the CP

By AZSBC Staff | August 23, 2018

Life has taken Michelle Trujillo all across the country, having lived in a number of states before settling in Arizona in 1997. Having attended Southern Baptist churches everywhere she has…

You Are Making a Difference!

By AZSBC Staff | August 23, 2018

In 1996, my family moved to our state for the purpose of planting a church that would reach north Glendale, Arizona, and the nations. Mountain Ridge Church was resourced through…

God’s ‘Humor’ Plants a Church

By AZSBC Staff | January 17, 2018

Yaw and Vidalia Poku break into laughter as they recount how two people from two sides of the world ended up in the desert state of Arizona proclaiming God’s wonders…

The Gift of Living Water

By AZSBC Staff | January 17, 2018

In a Muslim country with seemingly as many mountains as people, there are many villages hidden away with little access to clean water, basic health care, and Truth. Nagina*, her…

A Winding Road to Arizona

By AZSBC Staff | January 17, 2018

Ray Meadows, a preacher’s kid who never wanted to be a pastor, traveled a long and winding past to get to Arizona. Along the way, he found his calling as…

The Fruit of the Church Plant

By AZSBC Staff | January 17, 2018

Ron and Sheri Marlin have taken a new step of faith in their long-running romance story, planting a new church, Gates Pass Community Church in Tucson. Their romance story began…

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The Cooperative Program is the financial fuel for reaching every person for Jesus Christ in every town, every city, every state, and every nation.

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