Why We Go, Why We Stay

By AZSBC Staff | March 18, 2019

There are many places where the name of Jesus has not been heard; neither is God known as Creator. Some people have never heard; others have heard but refuse to…

Pursuing Their Passion

By AZSBC Staff | March 18, 2019

Jesse and Stefanie Powell have seen firsthand the many benefits of Southern Baptists working together through the Cooperative Program, and it has played a significant role in their being in…

Jeremiah Semmler Is the CP

By AZSBC Staff | March 18, 2019

Jeremiah Semmler, an Arizona native planting a church near where he grew up, launched CityView Church with a wide reach on Sept. 13, 2015. The church meets at an AMC…

God’s Design for Harry

By AZSBC Staff | March 18, 2019

Having his heart set on being an electrical engineer since he was eight, Harry Hahne (Hay-knee) pursued his love for electronics and started a software company that sold its product…

Microfinance to Reach the Unreached

By AZSBC Staff | March 18, 2019

My name is Robin Talley*. In my island city in Southeast Asia, there are many economically disadvantaged families. They live with no margin for crisis. Most of these families are…

Aiming for Growth in 2019

By AZSBC Staff | March 18, 2019

Aldo Gonzalez is serving in his fifth church plant. He worked as part of a larger team for the first three. He and his wife, Gloria, were the initial team…

A Journey to Reach Native Americans

By AZSBC Staff | August 23, 2018

Joshua Hodges’ journey to Arizona has been filled with divine links. When Joshua traveled to the state on a mission trip, he initially helped at First Indian Baptist Church in…

A Heart for the Poor

By AZSBC Staff | August 23, 2018

Joshua Hanna felt called into ministry even as a child. He always had a heart for the poor. In 6th grade, he envisioned starting his own nonprofit to help those…

About the Cooperative Program

The Cooperative Program is the financial fuel for reaching every person for Jesus Christ in every town, every city, every state, and every nation.

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