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Our Goal:

3,000 Baptisms in 2021

Do your part in helping us reach our faithful and challenging goal of 3,000 baptisms in 2021.

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Our 5-Year Evangelism Strategy Initiatives

The evangelism team of the Arizona Mission Network has developed a list of five crucial initiatives to help churches take their unique next step by leveraging leaders, resources, and relationships.


Evangelistic Prayer Development

We know prayer is important. When we stop praying for people, we stop caring about them. Yet how many churches prioritize prayer for the spiritually dead and lost? We believe that God hears the prayers of His church and intersects believers with people that need Jesus. Prayer multiplies our witness and fuels evangelism.

When we stop praying for people, we stop caring about them.

A cohort of pastor prayer leaders, in network, will work to develop an evangelistic minded praying church that prayer walks her community to gain insights and equips them to share the gospel.


Creating a Culture of Evangelism

Strive For a Faithful Community Presence and Engagement

If creating an evangelism culture were easy, we would have figured it out already. The top baptizing church said at our first meeting, ”It is impossible to follow Jesus and stay where you are.” We notice that they keep a faithful presence in their community and city.

Does my church have a faithful presence in the community outside of her four walls?

Arizona network leading churches think agriculturally and plant gospel seeds seasonally, and they bear fruit.  We will convene leaders to help churches both locally and regionally.


Evangelism Coaching Connections

Our goal is to decrease the percentage of baptism-less churches and increase baptisms across all churches to reach the 3,00 baptism goal. We need evangelism coaches that will ask the hard questions about effectiveness of proposed events, follow-up, and evangelism training. As mentioned, we want to start with leaders in our network and leverage the body of network strengths. The strength of the few will determine the health of the whole.

Our goal is to decrease the percentage of zero baptism-less churches.


Technology That Is Targeted to Evangelize

Yesterday and today, the church lags ten years behind culture utilizing good technology. COVID-19 has shown us all that a robust online technology and digital platform to navigate communities is necessary both now and in the future.

Yesterday and today, the church lags ten years behind culture utilizing good technology.

The team suggests working with strategically placed churches with location(s) in Phoenix, Tucson, Yuma, River Valley, and Flagstaff to help churches film stories of life-change/evangelistic connecting videos and working with drones. The solution is to make sure the selected church has the proper equipment and person to help our churches.

The Under-Served

Evangelizing the Under-Served in Arizona

(Inner City and/or Rural; Native American/Hispanic)

If we do not target the underserved in Arizona with the gospel and plant churches, who will? The inner city/town/rural community/Native American reservations all represent pockets where the underserved in the community live.

If we do not target the underserved in Arizona with the gospel and plant churches, who will?

We will work to help churches partner with existing churches and leaders that evangelize the underserved in Arizona.

Evangelism Next Steps

Christians need a way to share the gospel and here are a couple approaches that work today. First, know your story of life-change and write it down. Read some stories of life change in scripture like John 4 and 9, Gal. 1:13-24. We suggest that a believer has their story down to one minute and prepare for a longer conversation as opportunities arise.

An excellent quote by the late evangelism professor, Roy Fish, at SWBTS is what helped me decide to use an approach that has a picture attached: “87 percent of a person's decision making process is based upon the sense of sight."

What Fish is saying is that drawing or sharing an illustration helps to move a persons mental machinery in their decision-making process. Most people think in pictures. As a result, Christians are encouraged to learn The Bridge to Life, Three Circles Life Conversations, John 3:16 or another evangelism illustration when a witnessing opportunity calls.

For more free resources, visit the North American Mission Board's website below.


Eddy Pearson

Evangelism/Discipleship Facilitator

God has called me to equip and train the local church to take a forward lean into long-term evangelistic conversations in her unique ministry field.