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Evangelism Next Steps

Welcome to the church evangelism page.

We want pastors and leaders to navigate this with ease and clarity. So, you will see we have evangelism goals, resources and podcasts to consider. On deck for 2022 will be podcast talks from pastors working in the Arizona mission field. Plus, the 5-year evangelism strategy initiatives are new and developed by pastors in our churches. Take a minute and check out the categories.

Some questions to consider:
What’s your next step in evangelism?
What’s your process for evangelism in 2022?
What evangelism equipping will you offer your people in 2022?


Eddy Pearson

Evangelism Discipleship Facilitator

Being from a non-religious family, I worshiped athletic ability. A Christian college football player initiated a conversation with me about Jesus and over time God broke through. My first prayer resembled the sinners prayer I read in Luke 18:13. God turned my heart of stone to a heart of flesh that day and I am most grateful. I help the local church to cultivate conversations that lead to Jesus in her ministry field.

Baptism Goal:

3,000 Baptisms in 2021 & 2022

Do your part in helping us reach our faithful and challenging goal of 3,000 baptisms.

Tools for Evangelism

Recommended Resources

View our resources on how to evangelize and disciple the people God has put in your life.

Grow in Evangelism

Recommended Podcasts

Check out our curated list of podcasts that help pastors and churches grow in evangelism.

Check Out Our 5-Year Evangelism Strategy Initiatives

The evangelism team of the Arizona Mission Network of Southern Baptists has developed a list of five crucial initiatives to help churches take their unique next step by leveraging leaders, resources, and relationships.


Evangelistic Prayer Development

Rise Up From Our Knees and Into Our Neighborhoods

The 5-year evangelism prayer strategy will be through both online and personal presence gatherings. A cohort of ministry leaders, in network, will work to develop an evangelistic-minded praying church that prayer walks /drives/google maps their community to gain insights and equips them to share the gospel.

When we stop praying for people, we stop caring about them.


Creating a Culture of Evangelism

Strive for a Faithful Community Presence and Engagement

The 5-year strategy leverages churches, in-network and out-of -network, that have an evangelism culture that is evident. We will convene leaders to help churches both locally and regionally.


Does my church have a faithful presence in the community outside of her four walls?


Evangelism Coaching Connections

Increasing Our Evangelistic Reach in Arizona

We will have coaching teams of experienced and knowledgeable ministry leaders that are both in-network and out-of-network to help our churches. The coaches will have a thorough understanding of what resources are available and will be compensated for their time. Coaching will be available in all five of our strategic areas. We believe this will serve our existing churches and plants far better than responding to requests simply by providing financial support with no accompanying coaching or follow-up.

Our 5-year evangelism strategy initiatives will help us work together toward increasing baptisms across all of our churches to reach the 3,000 baptism goal by the end of 2022.


Technology That Is Targeted to Evangelize

Yesterday and Today, The Church Lags Ten Years Behind Culture Utilizing Good Technology

The 5-year strategy embraces technology tools that help our churches leverage communication. Strategically placed churches with locations in Phoenix, Tucson, Yuma, River Valley and Flagstaff will help churches to film stories of life-change, evangelistic connecting videos and working with drones for community and city overviews.

Yesterday and today, the church lags ten years behind culture utilizing good technology.

The Under-Served

Evangelizing the Under-Served in Arizona

Reaching the Under-Served Wherever They Live in Arizona

The 5-year strategy will connect in-network and out-of-network leaders to these areas that equip and train churches to evangelize contextually and plant churches. We will work to help churches partner with existing churches and leaders that evangelize the underserved in Arizona.

If we do not target the underserved in Arizona with the gospel and plant churches, who will?