Church Evangelism

Faith and Culture

How do we reach out to
non-believers during the holidays?

Will non-believers talk about faith? What does that mean for attending church?

Who's Your One?

Imagine the impact if every Christian had ONE person they prayed for and shared the gospel with.

A virtual tour is available now! Click on the link below, and download this TIMESTAMP resource to help guide you.

Evangelism Resource

Outreach has partnered with the AZSBC to help you create a culture of evangelism, presented with a look at your church calendar.

Video Resource

Watch or download "The Bridge" to use in your outreach efforts. Available on our YouTube channel.

Evangelism Next Steps

Christians need a way to share the gospel and here are a couple approaches that work today. First, know your story of life-change and write it down. Read some stories of life change in scripture like John 4 and 9, Gal. 1:13-24. We suggest that a believer has their story down to one minute and prepare for a longer conversation as opportunities arise.

An excellent quote by the late evangelism professor, Roy Fish, at SWBTS is what helped me decide to use an approach that has a picture attached: “87 percent of a person's decision making process is based upon the sense of sight."

What Fish is saying is that drawing or sharing an illustration helps to move a persons mental machinery in their decision-making process. Most people think in pictures. As a result, Christians are encouraged to learn The Bridge to Life, Three Circles Life Conversations, John 3:16 or another evangelism illustration when a witnessing opportunity calls.

Check out these resources now for next steps:

•  Ed Stetzer's Leadership Podcast - Season 2, Episode 17
Ed interviews Dr. Francis Collins, Director of the National Institutes of Health.

Dr. Collins, M.D., P.h.D., has served as director at the National Institutes of Health since 2009.

 • Rooftop Evangelism Process created by former atheist Dennis Pethers

The process is 3 steps that build on one another by Encountering God through prayer; Engaging spiritually lost outside the walls of the church where you live, work and play; Expanding the kingdom of God by making disciples. 

Dennis is a graduate of Spurgeon College in England and has the passion of the prince of preachers to reach people for Jesus.

• Agricultural Perspectives in Evangelism 

I (Eddy Pearson) attended the Darrell Robinson evangelism training in Cochise Association and he spoke a statement that stuck: “As farmers, my family prepared the field, sowed the seed, watered the field and waited prayerfully for the harvest. After harvest, we rejoiced, rested, went to the movies and on Monday dad would give us the same speech every year. Dad said, “Boys, great work this year, and the harvest helps us to pay our bills, eat, and buy new equipment. The good news is that we get start preparing for the harvest again starting now. Let’s get to work.” 

Evangelism Discipleship is seasonal and cyclical. We must be like the men of Issachar who Understood the times and knew what to do (1 Chronicles 12:32). 

  • What do you see in the pictures below?

Today in Arizona: 

  • The gospel is like agriculture rather than industry. The more you plant and tend, the more you harvest.
  • The seed that goes in the ground is the word of God through worship and conversations. 
  • Let’s approach our fields of ministry seasonally (see Creating a Culture of Evangelism and the Rule of 7 for outreach)
  • The Church Life Team wants to help you take your next steps into the harvest field where God has placed the local church you lead today. 


  • Church Life Team Initiative (CLT)

Presenting to our church a baptism challenge to reach 3000 new believers. The CLT prayed and worked through the idea to involve all our churches from 25 members to 2,500 to be a part. Check out the approach and join our Arizona network of church in two baptism Sundays.


Eddy Pearson

Evangelism/Discipleship Facilitator

Being from a non-religious family, I worshiped athletic ability. A college football player initiated a conversation with me about Jesus and over time God broke through. My first prayer occurred before ever reading the bible. I discovered a real sinners prayer in Luke 18:13. You find this man and his prayer to be real, authentic and heartfelt. God turned my heart of stone to a heart of flesh that day and I am most grateful.

God has called me to equip and train the local church to take a forward lean into long-term evangelistic conversations in her unique ministry field.